10 Things To Watch This Season

I am a huge fan of the colder months. An Autumn girl through and through, I love the dark evenings when there’s nothing more appealing than putting on your pyjamas, lighting a candle and setting up shop in front of the TV armed with a cup of tea and an abundance of snacks. Having made a promise to myself to dedicate more time to self-care, I can almost hear Netflix calling my name! Whilst I might dream of watching my favourite shows on something as luxe as the Panasonic Oled 4K TV (seriously, it’s 77 inches and that’s a whole lot of Ryan Gosling in Ultra HD), I’ll be snuggled up with my humble 32 inch model, or in bed with my MacBook, and a cocoon of blankets making my way through this list.

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Game Of Thrones | I am so shamefully late to the party here, but I’m currently half way through season five and totally hooked. This is a fantasy world full of battles, plots, kick ass women and plenty of rugged men (oh, hey there Robb Stark). I won’t say much, other than I am still coming to terms with the Red Wedding. If you know, you know.

Gilmore Girls | In all seriousness, what is Autumn without an annual re-watch of Gilmore Girls? I have yet to come across a show that encapsulates a season as much as this; cosy, caffeine fuelled and feel good. I love the relationship between Loralai and Rory, and the good news is that I now have an additional season to watch in the form of ‘A Year In The Life’, catching up with my favourite Stars Hollow residents ten years on.

Stranger Things | Clearly, I love me a good box set. This is on my to-watch list as I haven’t even started season one yet but I am so ready for it. Having attempted to avoid all spoilers, all I know is that it’s an 80’s-inspired sci-fi mystery involving kids and it looks nostalgic as hell. Oh, and Topshop did an exclusive screening of season two alongside launching their Stranger Things clothing line, so it must be pretty darned special.

Friends | I cannot think of a time when watching Friends is not appropriate. Happy? Sad? Tired? Poorly? Hormonal? Honestly, it ticks all of the box for me on every occasion. My love for this iconic American sitcom hasn’t died one bit; I think I will always laugh at Chandler’s jokes, lust after Rachel’s wardrobe and sob uncontrollably at the final episode.

La La Land | Two hours and eight minutes of Ryan Gosling looking adorable and singing. Need I say more? One of my top four films of all time (alongside Romeo And Juliet, Moulin Rouge and Breakfast At Tiffany’s), this is such feel-good viewing which will have you tap dancing around your kitchen and randomly bursting into song in no time.

Harry Potter | There’s nothing quite like spending a rainy weekend binging on the Harry Potter series. Fun, magical and comforting; the books and films will always be close to my heart as they were my childhood (the first book came out when I was 11…and now I feel old). Of course I adore all of the characters, but Hermione is the ultimate heroine: loyal, intelligent, sassy, brave and kind. One of my most-loved female characters of all time.

American Horror Story | Another one on my ‘to-watch’ list. I watched the first couple of episodes of ‘Murder House’ a while ago and loved them, so now a binge of all six series is on the cards! If you are into the supernatural, horror and general freakiness then this is the one for you. I am so intrigued to see how Lady Gaga works as Elizabeth, and of course, always welcome Evan Peters onto my screen with open arms!

Breakfast At Tiffany’s | My ultimate feel-good film. Audrey Hepburn is one of my icons, and her portrayal of the naive, eccentric society gal, Holly Golightly is brilliant from start to finish. I love everything about this film; the clothes (that Givenchy LBD), the setting, the characters, the music…if you haven’t seen this yet I implore you to do so immediately.  

Sex And The City | Pour me a cosmo and pass me the box set! I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched all six seasons of SATC, but honestly, the limit does not exist when it comes to Carrie and girls. From friendships to fashion, Sex And The City taught me so many life lessons (but that’s a whole other post) and watching this makes you feel as though you’re having a catch up with your best girlie friends.

Girlboss | I have heard good and bad things about this show but really want to give it a whirl because Sophia Amoruso is an absolute badass, and total inspiration. The show, available on Netflix, follows a young, rebellious and broke Sophia on her journey of creating her online business and learning how to be a #girlboss.

I think I have quite enough lined up to keep me busy over until the sun comes out again in Spring! What shows do you like to binge watch or bring you comfort in the colder months? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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  1. November 20, 2017 / 1:54 PM

    sex and the city and harry potter are what i watch when i want to have a cosy afternoon to myself. i might start watching the actual sex and the city series again. its just so good.


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