About Me

Hi, I’m Kara – author of all things Spread The Sparkle. I’m a 31 year old beauty enthusiast, obsessive if you will, and all round girly girl.

I set up Spread The Sparkle back in 2014 as a hobby and quickly fell in love with blogging. In the beginning, it was a bit of an escape from my role as a new mummy – something just for me where I could ramble on to my hearts content about anything and everything that I loved (which, let’s face it, was mostly skin care or make up). Fast forward two years and I’ve worked with some incredible brands, made some magical memories and met some life long friends through my little space on the Internet.

As my blog has grown, so have I. Although I’ll always love and blog about beauty, you can also expect to read about my fashion finds, lifestyle bits, travel diaries (when I’m lucky enough to visit new places) and the odd personal post thrown in for good measure.

Anything else that you should know? I love anything remotely Parisian, drink too much coffee, could watch Friends episodes back-to-back for the rest of eternity and own an excessive amount of lipstick.